Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season
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Code for fun

27 - 28 May, 2017

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Our Sponsors

What is FMICodes

FMICodes is a free two-day university hackathon that takes place at The Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. The event has a specific theme for which participants create projects. By attending FMICodes you will have fun, socialize, learn something new and receive cool prizes.

Topic and main goals

This time the topic of FMICodes will be “Code for fun” because our main goals are to have as much fun as we possibly can and learn something new while doing it. Moreover we aim to inspire new developers to work on real-world projects by offering them help from our mentors. Last but not least we desire to introduce students to the IT network in Bulgaria by having many software companies attending the event.

Shuka is a bootstrap-based landing page template


With FMICodes you can develop your programming skills by working on challenging projects. You will train your organizational skills as you have limited time. What is more you will learn new and exciting stuff by meeting with leading software engineers. Furthermore you will brush up on your communication and teamwork skills as you have to present your project and cooperate with others.

Shuka is a bootstrap-based landing page template

Why should you join

You should join if you share our passion for:

Love for coding

We love everything about code, we love to create and gaze at beautiful software. If you feel like us and know that there is always something cool to find out about software and that Bulgarian developers have some of the most interesting ideas out there you should definitely attend.

Meeting new people

We are extremely passionate about meeting new people, hence we believe that creating a positive and big community is vital for the IT field. If you feel like expanding your circle of acquaintances, sharing ideas and stories and having a cool time this hackathon is for you.

Day 1

  • 1


    Registration starts at 09:00 on 27th. At 10:00 We will begin with an introduction of what we are going to do in the next two days. Sharing the floor with us will be the mentors who will introduce themselves and if they are not shy, the teams will also tell us a few words.

  • 2

    Ready, Set, Code!

    Everyone will pick a room to work in and the development will begin. Each team will have 24 hours to make their idea come to life. Working with the teams will be mentors who will be able to help them in every step of the way.

Day 2

  • 1

    Stop! In the Name of Code.

    24 hours after the start the teams will stop working or their projects and we will announce the schedule for presenting the ideas.

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    Our sponsors

    After some time for relaxation we will begin with the closing ceremony. The first thing we will show you are the people who helped us create this awesome event – our sponsors. They will tell us who they are, what they do and what their passion is.

  • 3

    Presenting your ideas

    Each team will share their idea with us. Furthermore they will have time to tell us what motivated them, what challenges they faced and why they believe their idea is fun. The jury and the crowd will be able to ask questions during this time.

  • 4

    Time for gifts

    Finally the jury will tell us which ideas they think were best and why. The best projects will be awarded with rewards from our sponsors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend?
Any current university student is wellcome to join.

What do I need to know about the teams?
Teams can consist of 2 to 6 people inclusively.

What do I need to bring?
Your laptop, any amenities you require, chargers, and your innovative spirit. Also a pillow in case you decide to sleep!

Where will FMICodes be?
Our event will take place at The Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics(FMI). The dates are from May 27th to May 28th and the hackathon is a 24 hour overnight event.

Do I need experience?
No experience necessary. We will have plenty of mentors and resources to help you out. Come, learn, and experience your first hackathon at FMICodes.

What about sleep?
We have some lecture theatres where you can take a nap.

I don't have a team. Can I attend on my own?
Don’t let that stop you. A lot of other students will come on their own as well. After the opening ceremony we will form teams for everyone who doesn’t have one.

I still have questions!
Send us a message at Facebook or email us at